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Infos Légales
Laveyrune PDF Print E-mail

990 m

  • Minimum altitude : 974 m
  • Maximum altitude : 1 365 m
  • Area : 13.44 km2
  • Population : 126 inhab. (1999)

« Veyrune » means whitewater local dialect. This town is busy Atlantic: all streams will feed the Allier River ranked first category. It was on the way Régordane the fourteenth century, a stopover for the muleteers. The "Veyrune" was a priory of the abbey Chambons. At the top says "Three Lords" legend has it that they have registered their arms after chasing the English castle Luc.

The top of three lords

In 1324 British troops 2000 strong men besieged the castle of Luc. 3 Lords of the Barony of co-Luc (Polignac, Bourbal de Choisinet and Agrain des Hubacs) put the Britons to flight and pursued. But the British faced about and then engaged a fierce battle on earth Hubacs. The three Lords were rescued by gentlemen around 10 and victorious. The said lords-made ​​then burn their weapons on three large granite stones at the top of the rocks. You can get there on foot.

To see :

    • The top of Trois Seigneurs
  • The two main towns of this county are Laveyrune village and part of the entity of the Bastide Puylaurent.
  • The latter is mounted on the three municipalities, two departments and two regions also.
  • The development of this town has been linked to the passage of the railway line Paris-Nimes. So many colonies came from the South of France in summer periods. This railway line has also promoted the establishment of many homes.
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